Steam Ejector Types

Steam Ejector Types

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Steam Systems



Steam Ejectors & Vacuum Systems

A steam Ejector, also known as a 'compressor', 'gas jet', 'eductor', 'augmentor' or 'venturi' runs using a driving medium flow (steam) as the motive, and an entrained medium flow (dry or wet gas) as the suction.

Tranvac has over 40 years experience in steam and vacuum process. Our range of steam-driven Ejectors for vacuum process and heating applications offer unrivalled reliability and minimal operating costs.

Transvac design and manufacture a comprehensive range of Steam Jet Ejectors from coarse vacuum single stage units; such as rapid evacuation Ejectors (Hoggers) up to 5 stage Steam Jet Ejector Systems fully packaged to produce vacuum levels of up to 25 microns Hg abs.

Modern, energy efficient Steam Jet Ejector Systems offer many advantages whin compared with other vacuum producing systems. They can also utilise motive steam which is already available on site and would otherwise be wasted.

Advantages of Steam Jet Ejectors

  • The most reliable of all high vacuum systems
  • Ideal for large loads
  • No moving parts
  • Simplicity
  • Low noise levels
  • Minimal and non-specialist maintenance
  • Custom designed
  • Easy to retrofit or uprate
  • Process guaranteed
  • Available in any workable material

Transvac design and manufacture steam jet Ejector systems in both standard and exotic materials. For non-corrosive applications Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel or Cast Iron are most commonly used.

From single stage Ejectors to fully packaged multi-stage Ejector systems all Transvac products are custom designed to meet the client’s specific requirements. Transvac steam Ejectors (also atmospheric air Ejectors) are often run in combination with mechanical vacuum pumps (liquid rings).
Transvac also offers a trouble-shooting / maintenance / training service covering all makes of steam Ejector systems.

Sand Slurry Ejectors complete with ceramic internals